Americans with Disabilities Act

Accommodate your employees’ needs to help them stay at work

We realize ADA compliance can be complicated, which is why we offer support and consultation to help employees remain at work or return to work safely.

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The regulatory landscape under the ADA poses a continually evolving challenge for today’s employers. Maintaining a strong accommodation program can also place administrative burdens on your organization.

CareWorks Absence Management offers reliable support to relieve these burdens.

Program highlights

Assistance with obtaining and evaluating medical documentation

We offer assistance for accommodation requests through gathering and tracking of proper medical documentation and supporting communication between you and your employees.

Professionally managed support for job accommodation requests

We review job accommodation requests in light of an employee’s functional capacities, restrictions and limitations, job functions, and medical documentation.

Tracking and administration of approved leaves

We provide accurate tracking and administration of ADA-approved leave in conjunction with our administration of other leave laws.

Individual case review to help you remain ADA-compliant

A dedicated case manager will evaluate an employee’s progress and potential for recovery to help you decide what accommodations will help the employee stay at work or successfully return to work.

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