Minimize cost with our flexible short-term and long-term disability management programs.

Program Highlights

  • Coordinated Claims Management

    • System integration of multiple disability plan benefits and statutory disability programs.
    • Timely communication with employers and their employees.
    • 24/7 absence reporting through toll-free phone, toll-free fax or online.

  • Clinical Case Management

    • Integrated Nurse Case Managers.
    • Intake services to support immediate medical triage and initial benefit entitlement.

  • Proactive Return-to-Work Strategies

    • Integrated Nurse Case Managers.
    • In-house vocational experts.
    • Transitional/return-to-work program development.

  • Employee Assistance and Education

    • Seamless coordination with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), as well as health, disease management, wellness and work life programs.
    • Employee and worksite education.
    • Coordination with SSDI benefits.

  • Dedicated Nurse Case Managers

    Single Nurse Case Manager for all nonoccupational conditions.

  • Robust Reporting and Customizable Analytics

    • Electronic data interfaces and outcome-based reporting.
    • Accurate tracking and reporting of continuous, intermittent and reduced schedule leaves for FMLA, short-term disability, long-term Disability, and workers’ compensation.
    • Accurately captured lost work time, associated costs and employee trends.

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CareWorks Absence Management’s short-term disability and long-term disability services are designed to work together or independently and are customized to each employer’s unique circumstances.

We simplify the administration of your disability-related programs by providing a personalized, clinical approach to your employees.

We work directly with employers to develop case-specific, cost-effective return-to work plans.