We tailor our solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

We help employers reduce lost productivity and alleviate the complexity of managing employee absences.

CareWorks Absence Management is an industry leader in providing FMLA Administration and Disability Management services to companies.

Our solutions are customized to your organization's needs, helping increase productivity and return employees to work as soon as possible.

Our services


Our case-specific short-term and long-term disability management helps improve productivity.


We offer a comprehensive, clinical approach to FMLA administration for your organization.


Let us provide guidance associated with ADA requests for accommodation.

What sets us apart?

Seamless Integration

A customized workflow is part of our standard offering and serves as the blueprint for running your absence management program.

Whether you self-administer your other leave programs, or rely on the services of vendors, our team is well-equipped to collaborate with you.

Regulatory Compliance

Mismanagement of absences can cost employers millions of dollars in revenue, production losses and legal fees.

As litigation against employers increases, compliance with state and federal regulations shouldn’t be an afterthought. Our case experts help ensure that employee leaves comply with applicable laws and best practices. Our system is updated when changes occur to ensure your program stays compliant.

Industry Leading Reporting

Our proprietary web-based system provides clients with real-time access to reporting.

Our system gives you real-time visibility into claim transactions. Vital information is displayed in a user friendly manner and is supplied as a value-added feature, entirely free of charge.

A Clinical Approach

Our experienced panel of physician advisors andNurse Case Managers are instrumental in making accurate decisions involving medical conditions and information.

Our customers have a dedicated Nurse Case Manager who is responsible for medical review and ongoing case management for all disabilities.

Why should you outsource?

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